Art & Design

JAEYOONMIN is an Art & Design studio, presenting nature-inspired art, hand-crafted lighting, and window-wall textile panels by JAE SCHALEKAMP.



My name is Jae Schalekamp, and I was born and raised in South Korea.  As a teen, immersed in learning drawing and painting, I pictured my adult self being an artist, living in a humble cottage that stood in an open field at the foot of rolling hills.  There was a red gingham cloth covering a table, a wooden chair, and an easel.  I probably was dreaming of living in a foreign country, making a living as an artist.  I have reminisced about this vision whenever the topic of ‘the first dream’ came up. 

I came to the US in 1993 after obtaining a BFA from Hong-Ik University in Seoul, South Korea to pursue further study of art.  Now I live in Upstate NY with my family. My studio doesn’t have the same scenic backdrop that I had imagined, but I currently paint and design full-time in my open, light-filled studio in the Warehouse District of Albany, NY.

After 15 years of working in the textile design field, I felt the urge to bring to light my own style and aesthetic expression.  I am inspired by a wide range of media and subject matters.  For the past couple years, I have been wrestling with materials and techniques and deciphering vague images and ideas that had accumulated in my head and sketch books over the years.



Design is not only about style and function, but also a manifestation of oneself.  I designed fabrics for Gretchen Bellinger, a high-end textile firm, and worked with renowned interior designers and architects for developing custom fabrics for special projects.  While I got to handle the most fine and exclusive fabrics available in the home furnishing market, I was drawn to earthy textures and colors.  When I first touched ramie, I fell instant attraction, which was like an emotional bonding.  I had to own it and make something out of it.  Beautiful natural material is the inspiration for my design.  The other materials I identified as beautiful are mulberry paper, sumi ink, charred wood, and stones.  Sometimes I use gold/ silver leaf for accents, as it brings reflective light to my work.

Participating in the Vanguard Showhouse – an annual event that supports the Albany Symphony Orchestra – I had opportunities to design interior spaces and to integrate my decorative paintings and artworks.  Separating design from art seems impossible for me.  Though their purposes may be different, my approach and process are very similar for both: building narratives with characteristic elements by placing them where their presences are most natural and their beauty is highlighted.